Helena T Hall

Helena T Hall

Environmental and Communication Consultant

About Me

I am an Environmental and Communication Consultant.

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Conservation and Restoration Ecology, with a Watershed Science Minor from the College of Natural Resources, Utah State University in Logan, Utah. I am currently completing my Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership Studies through Gonzaga University, School of Professional Studies.

I desire to help improve communications among Natural Resource Managers and the general public.

I have a broad educational background in the natural sciences as well as the social sciences, including skills in the consulting and training arena. I can help you meet your needs for environmental or communication issues or education through active training sessions.

In a session for you I would provide hard copy handouts, hands-on, and other appropriate activities as part of the active training/consulting session(s). I am very flexible and can help you assess and meet your needs.

My Philosophy

I believe in wisely utilizing good science, experience, and clear communication, to manage ourselves and our natural resources with respect, and dignity.

My Definition of Success

One is truly successful when a person is sincere in their determination of achieving a goal. Success is also a person in harmony, balanced, and happy; even when surrounded by trials and tribulations. Success is the gaining of knowledge, understanding, and strength. Success is an active continual progression through all stages of life. Success comes by way of building upon the little things of life. Success is living a real life. Success is not comparing ourselves to others, we are not clones. Gandhi once stated, “Be the change you wish to see.” Success begins with faith, an affirmation that change is possible.

A Little More About Me

Some of my interests include: photography - with my husband, Merlyn Hall - writing, reading, hiking, camping, traveling, service, family, music, classic vehicles, history, and having fun. How did I come to where I am? It is a long story, but in a few words – I learned over the years that my passion for natural resources could become a reality in the study thereof. In my studies, I also learned that the only constant is change. This is key. Another key, is that we do not manage our natural resources directly. We manage people in order to manage our natural resources. How do we manage people to manage our natural resources? We create what are known as Coordinated Resource Management (CRM) teams/groups. These groups are local, no size fits all – by the people for the people, among professionals, and the public.

Please feel free to browse the example videos, papers, projects and their sites, I have linked below.

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